School Holidays

And so it is school holidays again!

I was looking forward to them, but the weather has really been terrible! However its been great having Mr 10 at home, he is such a great help, and good company (when he’s not talking about computer games!).

Yesterday we did some rainbow looming and he made 12 bracelets or something like that, lots anyway! More than I could have made!

We were wanting to get outside today, but its windy and rainy and just yuk.

My baby, 6 months on Monday, is suffering from his reflux again, we cant seem to get on top of it, it means he isn’t interested in a bottle .. however he has a new love of food! Real food! His favourites are pear, banana and kumera. I think he has a bit of a sweet tooth, but at least he’s getting something, it’s all good. I need to have another cook up, probably tomorrow.

Because of the weather I’m sure there is a little mouse that keeps running up and down the hallway, stopping and peeking in at us, then keeping going! I’m not too scared of mice, unless they run over my feet … but would rather he not be in the house! We have some homemade trap ideas to try, for Mr 10, before hubby gets home and can trap him properly!

In the meantime I made a couple of pendants for the school holidays … if you are a Frozen fan you might like them … here’s a little preview!

Frozen Pendant 1

Frozen Pendant2

What do you think?  Click on the images to be magically transported to my website ;)

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and hope the weather is better where you are!!!


Suz x


Inspirational quote giveaway

So KJdesigns has been closed for a while, several reasons, you know how it is!  Needing to catch up on a pile of orders was one of them.  A little baby not wanting to sleep another.  My Mum in hospital another.  Lots of things going on, so I needed to get my orders up to date, and then have a bit of time for me and my family.

I’m feeling a bit more on top of things now, and I’m missing KJdesigns!!!  I had a bit of a shopping spree the other day, some new things and a very nice new font which I am soooooo looking forward to getting.  So much so that I dreamt about it last night!  Crazy huh!

Anyway – I thought I’d do a giveaway – share your favourite quote (or quotes) and I’ll chose my top 5, and then let a randomiser chose the winner … I will then stamp a pendant with this quote, in my new font – and share the new font – and the winners pendant at the same time! 

Loving all the quotes so far – this is going to be REALLY difficult.

Here’s the pic … click on it to visit my Facebook page and enter with your favourite quote if you like!


And good luck!  Love, love, love all the quotes – this is my favourite giveaway ever and its only just started!

Mothers Day

Well its Mothers Day.

I love my babies.  One of them got me up at 5am.  One of them made me a lovely ‘teapot’ card.


One of them, I can’t see.  I can’t cuddle.  I can’t squeeze and tickle.  One of them is not physically with me.  He is in my heart and  I miss him.  Every day.  But today, is hard.  I have 3 boys, but just 2 of them are here.  I wish I could cuddle and talk to Koby, he would be running round, giggling and waking the baby!  He would be out with my hubby and my sunshine baby now, buying me my Mothers Day present.  Wonder what he would choose to buy? 

Yes its Mothers Day, I have 2 of my beautiful children here.  But one is missing.  While I am happy, I am also sad.  Something is missing, sometimes it feels like I have to grab onto the missing piece and hold it as tight as I can so it doesn’t slip away.  Time makes images fade, and it’s scarey the thought of my baby fading away.  But he’s there, always, with me, with us, and he will always be a part of our family.  He will be forever with us, and forever loved and remembered.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mummies out there, not only the ones with their babies with them, but those with their babies in their hearts.  Happy Mothers Day to all the Aunties, Daddies, Grandparents, who are “Mummies”, either to children here, or in their hearts.  And Happy Mothers Day to my Mum.  Love you always.



New products and new baby …

Pretty exciting .. my first week back ‘at work’.  Its been challanging with my gorgeous little boy being 10 weeks old, and not sleeping longer than 45 minutes at a time … but I managed to not only make some sales – but to get some orders made and out in the post!  Exciting stuff.  Perhaps it will all work :)  So 10 packages went out in the post!  Felt very organised!


Lets hope it can continue!  I am sure it can.  For 1 – I LOVE working again.  I have missed it alot!  I also LOVE my boy and kinda miss him when he is sleeping – isn’t that silly!  I want both haha – lots of time to work, and lots of time with my baby.  All at the same time. 

He is such a happy baby – love all his smiles and cheekyness.  Hopefully though he will learn the joy of sleep – I kind of remember how it feels to sleep all night – hopefully one day soon I’ll be reunited with sleeps longer than a couple of hours at a time!  Though saying that we only have 1 night feed so I cant complain … and I have been getting a 6 hour stretch most nights – if I can sleep the whole 6 hours now that would be fantastic too!

So my husband has been home a few days this week, which is probably why I’ve managed to get as many orders made as I have …. I also attempted to update my website … and then baby woke up – isn’t he the cutest!!


However I did manage to photograph and get some of my new products up on the website for everyone to see… I’ll share them here too – hope everyone loves them!






There’s more, but I’ll save them for another post – for sure my baby will wake up soon and I’ll be half way through this post.  Lots of things seem to get half finished – that is if I’m lucky!  But that’s the like of a stay at home Mum, and a work at home Mum.

The rewards are immeasurable though – I melt every time he smiles, and he smiles alot, its just so cute.  Lots of ‘talking’ now too, just so gorgeous, and not something I thought I’d get to enjoy again.  Its been such a long time since my big boy was a baby, I had forgotten almost just how gorgeous babies are and just how they can make you feel.  It probably sounds strange, I knew I’d love him, but I didn’t know just how much he’d make me smile.  I just love all my family to bits. 

On that note, Thank you for reading… and as he is still asleep I shall see if I can do a bit more of my current order :)

My Rainbow Baby

Well, he is here!

My rainbow baby is here and he is 8 weeks old!

He is just beautiful.  I still find it hard to believe he is here, and all the stresses of ttc and the pregnancy are gone and distant memories … and I have a baby!

Because I have a baby I am typing one handed , and its taking a while.  Which of course means this wont be a very long post!

He prefers to sleep on me – can you blame him, he was sleeping on me for nearly 9 months … much more comfy.

He was 2.9 kg born, and is now over 4kg – he has beautiful blue eyes and a little bit of blondy hair.  We are in love :)

Here he is : Devon James – little brother of Koby <3