We Are Fundraising Again

We Are Fundraising Again

The 4th of May sees the start of a new auction that we have put together with the support of a pile of amazing Kiwi Businesses!  There are over 110 items up for grabs – most of them starting at just $1 reserve!

Why Is This So Important

When we lost Koby I searched for things to commemorate his short life – tangible ways to remember and celebrate him.  KJdesigns Handstamped Jewellery was born – and my love for making handstamped jewellery and keepsakes has been a way to create tangible keepsakes for myself, and for others.

After Koby was born – it was a swirl of emotions and fog and we really had no idea what we were doing, or what to expect.  The information was not there for us, we just didn’t know our options and noone was there telling us.  Some of the things we’ve found out since – would have made a huge difference in our grieving process, and in our lives today.

One of these things is the service provided by Angel Casts.  Having hand and foot casts would be so amazing!  It is one of my great regrets – that we just didn’t know about them.  We just didn’t know this was possible.  So we have to live without these tangible keepsakes of our wee boy, gone too soon.  But I don’t want others to have to, so this is where the fundraising comes in.

Who Are We Fundraising For

Angel Casts is a charity created by Jennifer Christiansen.  Angel Casts make incredible stone replicas of babies hands and feet.  The comfort and healing available from being able to touch and hold your baby/childs hands is indescribable.  Having these tangible keepsakes is so very important in the healing process.

KJdesigns Fundraising Auction for Angel Casts

KJdesigns Fundraising Auction for Angel Casts

What Are The Details

The Auction starts at 7pm on 4th May 2016.  It is being held on KJdesigns Facebook Page – and you can place your bids on the pictures of the items up for grabs.  If you click the image above you can check out the auction – don’t forget to ‘comment’ on the album or any of the items you like, that way you will be notified once the auction has started.

How We Can All Help

Even if you don’t see something you’d like to bid on – you can still help!  Sharing the Auction Album, commenting on items, tagging friends, ALL of these things will help raise awareness – even if one person see’s this – who finds themselves in a position to need Angel Casts services, then that is just one person who wont miss out and have the regrets that I do.  It might be for themselves, for a friend, family member or workmate.  I just don’t want anyone who might want this service to ever miss out.

Thank You For Reading

Thank you so much for reading this post – and please visit our Facebook page to check out the auction.  It is very much appreciated x

Here is a small selection of what is up for grabs!

Aroma Addiction RRP45 August 1 Celestial Silver Locket Fat Lady PRinting and Crafts Gorgeous Jewellery 2 Kjd3 Krystal P Pepis Boutique Lily Bug Project poster  Preggy Pukkus Red Pepper Cheese Board

Melody Art 1 Mayhem Creations Tantrumm Vidabela Dee Archbald Busy Bags



ANZAC Day 2016 – What Does It Mean To You ?

ANZAC Day is approaching again … what does it mean to you?

Anzac Day is a National Day of remembrance in New Zealand and Australia which commemorates and remembers all NZ’ers and Aussies who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations, and the contribution and suffering of all those who served.

The date is itself is the date that the ANZAC’s landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.

What does this date mean to you ?

ANZAC Day is important to me

The sacrifice that was involved is something that I can’t, and I assume a lot of us these days, just can’t comprehend.  They sacrificed for us.  So we can live how we do today.  For your tomorrow they gave their today.  I cant think of anything more important – our today, our tomorrow, and our future.

Anzac Day Pendant

My Family

My Grandparents both served their Country.  Our Country.  They actually met on a hospital ship where my Nana was a Nurse.  They met because of the war.  They both survived the war, though they saw things no person should ever have to see, and returned to New Zealand.  This amazing image was painted by Brent Harvey, who studied with my Papa who was also an artist.


I spent several years overseas and visited Gallipoli for Anzac Day 1999.  Being there, and visiting Anzac Cove, and wandering around all the cemeteries and memorial areas was one of the most sobering things I have ever done.  We spent a lot of time, reading names, and just being there.  Anzac Cove itself is extremely beautiful and it is so hard to imagine the terror and bloodshed that happened there.  All those souls being lost.  It just doesn’t make sense.  It makes you realise that we have to remember.  We have to make sure these things never happen again.  We have to teach our children, and their children, to ensure they learn, what I did, from being there.   We have to remember, what they sacrificed, and what all our service men and woman sacrifice, for us.  For freedom.  For life.

Anzac Jewellery

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Our Children

My son’s Father is in the Australian Defense Force.  My son is very proud of him.  Last year he was asked to represent his school in laying a wreath at our local ceremony in town.  He was very proud to be doing this, as I was of him.  So many people were at that ceremony, and at the Dawn Service, so many people remembering and honouring those gone before us, and those who still serve.  So many people that they couldn’t all fit into the Town Hall, people were spilled out and there were hundreds who listened from outside.  The amount of families and children present was very heartwarming, and can fill us with hope for the future.

Anzac Childrens Pendant


The ANZAC jewellery I have made, represents words that are so important to me, how I think, and how I try to live my life. I like to be mindful of who came before me, what they did, so I can live the life I do.  I like to appreciate what I have, and appreciate what others have done.  I like to remember those we have lost, and honour their memory.


Anzac Day is a special day for us to remember and commemorate.  Lest we forget.

It’s Our Birthday Month!

It’s Our Birthday

Wow!  I can’t believe KJdesigns is 4 years old!  Sometimes it is super scarey how fast time can pass!

At any rate – we are CELEBRATING!  There will be a month of celebrations!  Yes – ALL of April.

First Up Is A Great Deal For You

Your choice of these gorgeous pendants – personalised for you.  Handstamped with names or a message of your choice!

To take advantage of this super offer for a handstamped necklace, just click on the image to visit the website!  And keep an eye out for giveaways and bargains during April!



Copper is perfect for Autumn


Copper is such a gorgeous warm metal … it heats with your skin.  Sometimes I find it also feels like it is living – it warms and cools, it changes with the seasons, and it ages.  Copper will age from a gorgeous shiny orange, to tarnish in various ways, deep oranges and browns – just like Autumn.

Copper PolishedCopper tarnished

Copper is fantastic for handstamped jewellery – it is solid enough to maintain great shape, but soft enough to get a great impression.  This is one of my favourite copper cuffs – stamped with a verse from a poem.  Sometimes I keep it polished like the first image, other times I let it tarnish so it looks more ‘rustic’ like the second image.  Either way I love this copper cuff.

Copper and Leather!

I love leather for jewellery as well, and combining leather and copper with some handstamping is just perfect!  This piece is also one of my favourites, and I love wearing it, I always get comments, it is more of a statement piece than the cuff.  The leather makes it comfy to wear and I plan on letting the copper tarnish on this one too!

Disc Bracelet

As you can see handstamped copper looks AMAZING!

Copper = Green — Not always!

Some people do have issues wearing copper, and it is all to do with the acidity in your skin, which can actually change all the time.  For example, I can wear copper no problems, but found that when I was pregnant, it turned my skin green!!  Ugh!  The copper (this also happens with other metals such as silver) tarnishes over time, this is increased by humidity, sweat, getting wet etc … the tarnish/corrosion is absorbed by your skin, which causes your skin to turn green.

You can avoid this!!!  Remove your copper jewellery if you are working out, showering, sleeping … place it in a airtight plastic bag with an anti tarnish tab!  This will slow down the tarnishing and reduce  / delay the ‘green skin’.  You can also polish it regularly – if it doesnt tarnish – it wont turn your skin green!!

Another great idea – is the leather cuff – if your skin is too acidic to wear copper – but you love it – just don’t wear it against your skin!

Or check out my Little Drops Pendant below … the chain is stainless steel – guaranteed not to cause any skin irritation … the little drops are small and wont sit in one spot, and rub against your skin.

Copper Pendant

Another item of copper handstamped jewellery I have is my very own Little Drops Pendant … super cute and delicate – beautiful hint of Autumn coppery tones in little drops around my neck!  This one has my babies intials on it!

Little Drops Pendant

So … copper, copper, copper!! I am in love with copper and enjoy the warmth of wearing such a gorgeous metal!

And speaking of copper as we are ….. YOU can win your very own Copper piece – you just need to check out KJdesigns Facebook page to enter!  Click on the image to be magically transported there!  Good Luck!

Autumn Giveaway

Why did I start my business?


KJdesigns began out of the depths of grief.  November 2011 was the lowest point of my life and I was searching for meaning and reason.  Our beautiful baby Koby, was born too early, he fought for a week after my waters broke, being monitered every hour, checking his heart beat, checking the fluids.  I kept him safe inside me for another week, believing that we could keep him, just another 5 days we needed, and the medical world would deem him the correct age to intervene and attempt to save.

But sadly this didn’t happen and Koby was born, silently into this world.  This plunged my world into something that I could no longer understand.  It was overwhelming.  The why’s.  The what if’s.  I was in a thick mist of grief and found it difficult to see anything clearly.

Grief.  It’s a process.  In that process I found the need to celebrate his life.  To remember him.  To create, in his honour.  To prove he existed, and that I loved him.


I wanted to celebrate his short life.  His life meant so much to me.  I searched, and searched.  I couldn’t find what I needed.  Then I came across Handstamped Jewellery.  I love jewellery, and making personalised jewellery was the solution – I could stamp his name on my jewellery.  Permanent and real.  I could celebrate his life, remember him, show off his name, by creating my own handstamped jewellery.

KJdesigns was born.

KJdesigns was born from grief, but also from the desire to celebrate, remember, inspire and love.  At the start I made different designs with Koby’s name on it.  In time I added our other children, I wanted to include everyone.  I handstamped necklaces, keyrings and bracelets, with names, special quotes, and anything that helped me at the time.  I even stamped a poem onto a tray.

Koby stampings

Stamping is like therapy for me.  Creating jewellery and keepsakes for others, helps me beyond words.  Not only did KJdesigns give me a way to remember and honour Koby, it gave me a creative outlet, and a business.


KJdesigns and handstamped jewellery has literally saved me.  Saved me from losing myself into the mists of grief.  It gave me something to focus on, something to grow and it also gave me a way I could give back.  One of the best things for me about this journey is being able to help others, and creating handstamped jewellery for those who have also suffered loss is so special to me.  Sometimes it hurts so much, knowing others are feeling similar to how I felt.  Wondering how you can carry on, with part of you missing.  And I hope, that creating something physical, for them to wear, or carry with them, gives some small comfort, that not only they have their babies name with them, real and solid, but that someone else knows.  Someone has walked this path before them, and survived.  Thrived.


Handstamped jewellery and KJdesigns is my passion.  It’s coming up 5 years, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of Koby, and appreciate everything he has given to me.

So that is why I started my business, and why I continue my business.  Because it is my passion, my saviour, and my dream.  Because it is my baby.

Being a brother is better than being a superhero

My Sunshine baby – of course I didn’t know that was what he was … was born back in 2004 – he was conceived easily – first month of trying, and looking back it was an easy, worry free pregnancy.  Apart from the OMG I’m going to have a baby soon – OMG how will I get him out haha.

I was living in Sydney, Australia, and considered and ‘older Mum’ at 33.  However I was lucky I could do ‘shared care’ with my GP/Hospital which meant 99% of my checkups etc were with my GP.  He had multiple children and believed that pregnancy was a natural thing (which it is) and mainly required baby to grow without any intervention or anything, and so I popped in to see him every now and then, he measured my tummy and listened to heartbeat and all was well.

My gorgeous boy was born on a Sunday Afternoon, on Mothers Day, appropriately enough.  My first Mothers Day my gift was my baby.

I only ever wanted one baby.  Well that isn’t entirely true.  Up until I was about to turn 30 I never wanted children at all.  Dogs were where it was at I thought.  Much easier.  You could leave them outside, leave them home, and they were always pleased to see you!  You didn’t have to cook for them, just check them a bone or some biscuits!  However I heard the ticking, and a few years later I had my baby.

One was lovely.  Then I thought wow it would be amazing to give him a sibling.  Just quietly in my mind.  But my marriage broke up, and I accepted it would just be him and me.

Once he got a bit older he kind of wanted a sibling.  A little brother would be nice.  I said just think how great it is being the only one!  You get all my attention, you don’t have to share anything!

Time went along and in a new relationship, we spoke of a baby together, but I was 40 and the doctor kinda said no chance.  (Well they said go see a fertility expert, you have 1% chance of getting pregnant).  Nah, we have 3 between us.  Its all good we said.  Then of course, I got pregnant.  I’ve written my story about Koby of course.  Koby was sadly born sleeping.  A miracle baby, not meant to be.  My sunshine baby now has a brother, but an Angel brother, you can talk to him, but you cant really play with him.  Once you have the promise of a brother, like the promise of a child, ALL you really want is that brother.  Really badly.  Everyone else has a brother, or a sister.  Everyone.

Of course, after much fertility treatment, and even less chance as by now I was WELL over 40 … our second miracle arrived.  Devon.  Our rainbow baby.  A brother.

The brothers are now 11 and 2.  They ADORE each other.  The 2 year old doesn’t have a huge amount of words, but he can say Brayden.  One of his most used words!  His brothers name.  The 11 year old melts when his brother runs at him and gives him the hugest hugs.  They hug good morning, and they hug good night.


Sometimes being a brother, is even better than being a superhero.

They melt my heart.  These brothers.  My boys.


Wow … who can believe it is 2016!   This was ‘the future’ in so many movies I watched when I was much younger!  This means the future is here … we are living it.

This also means time passes so fast.  Sometimes in the blink of an eye.  It scares me sometimes to think how fast time can go.  My 11 year old said to me (last year now), I wish you’d had me when you were younger Mum, so we had more time together.  Wow.  I wish that too.  Though I don’t wish away the life I had.  But I wish for time with loved ones.  And lots of it.

2015 was great in many ways.  It also sucked in many ways – but I won’t go into the suckyness.  This year is about focusing on the good, and looking forward to the great.  This year my ‘baby’ will turn 2, my big boy will start Middle School and turn 12, and my angel baby will be 5.  And I’m not even going to think of the number I will turn.  I tell myself it is just a number, but it is the numbers it is heading towards that scare me.  I want time to slow down, so I can have more time to appreciate that which I love.

The start of the year sees us ‘getting our ducks in a row’ … translated to ‘the big de-clutter’.  My big boy had his room redecorated for Christmas, he got a cool new loft bed, and has de-cluttered his room.  This inspired the big cleanout, and while we are still in the midst of it, it feels really good, starting fresh – going forward with just what we want and need.

I worked hard in 2015.  KJdesigns did great, I had record sales and blew my sales target for Christmas out of the water by over 50%.  This meant lots of hard work, lots of long hours, lots and lots of stamping.  Luckily my husband has been home, so I’ve been able to work fulltime.  My studio is still in a bit of a mess, and is on the list to de-clutter.  I’m leaving it until last though, as I know once I get in there properly I’ll be all inspired and ready to start again for the year.  I’m kinda closed, but still open, and have made a few orders over the last few days – but I am on a self imposed break.

This means I’m taking time for ME.  I’ve read a book.  Done some colouring in.  Painted my nails.  Boring stuff – but stuff that I don’t normally have time to do, which means I appreciate it now, when I can.  It takes a while to get in the swing of relaxing, when you are not used to it.

2016 – we have started as we mean to go on.  De-cluttered, de-stressed, and motivated to enjoy and love living in 2016.

I wish everyone a relaxing and stressfree break – and hope 2016 brings with it all your hopes and dreams.

Suz x