New products and new baby …

Pretty exciting .. my first week back ‘at work’.  Its been challanging with my gorgeous little boy being 10 weeks old, and not sleeping longer than 45 minutes at a time … but I managed to not only make some sales – but to get some orders made and out in the post!  Exciting stuff.  Perhaps it will all work 🙂  So 10 packages went out in the post!  Felt very organised!


Lets hope it can continue!  I am sure it can.  For 1 – I LOVE working again.  I have missed it alot!  I also LOVE my boy and kinda miss him when he is sleeping – isn’t that silly!  I want both haha – lots of time to work, and lots of time with my baby.  All at the same time. 

He is such a happy baby – love all his smiles and cheekyness.  Hopefully though he will learn the joy of sleep – I kind of remember how it feels to sleep all night – hopefully one day soon I’ll be reunited with sleeps longer than a couple of hours at a time!  Though saying that we only have 1 night feed so I cant complain … and I have been getting a 6 hour stretch most nights – if I can sleep the whole 6 hours now that would be fantastic too!

So my husband has been home a few days this week, which is probably why I’ve managed to get as many orders made as I have …. I also attempted to update my website … and then baby woke up – isn’t he the cutest!!


However I did manage to photograph and get some of my new products up on the website for everyone to see… I’ll share them here too – hope everyone loves them!






There’s more, but I’ll save them for another post – for sure my baby will wake up soon and I’ll be half way through this post.  Lots of things seem to get half finished – that is if I’m lucky!  But that’s the like of a stay at home Mum, and a work at home Mum.

The rewards are immeasurable though – I melt every time he smiles, and he smiles alot, its just so cute.  Lots of ‘talking’ now too, just so gorgeous, and not something I thought I’d get to enjoy again.  Its been such a long time since my big boy was a baby, I had forgotten almost just how gorgeous babies are and just how they can make you feel.  It probably sounds strange, I knew I’d love him, but I didn’t know just how much he’d make me smile.  I just love all my family to bits. 

On that note, Thank you for reading… and as he is still asleep I shall see if I can do a bit more of my current order 🙂


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